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Where your pet will be treated like a member of our family

Sun-Kiva Kennel has Pickup and Delivery Service to Gainesville, Melrose, Keystone Heights, Ocala and surrounding areas. We will come directly to your door to pick up your pet and safely transport them to the Kennel, along with all their belongings. Please check the boarding page for rates.

We know that special dogs have special foods, and we prefer that boarders bring along their favorite meals, snacks, and treats.


  1. HEALTH RECORDS must be provided and will be kept in your pet's permanent file. Have your vet fax these records to us at 352-481-2003. Required vaccines: Rabies, Bordetella & Parvo/Distemper.

  2. FOOD: SUN-KIVA is sympathetic to your pet's special dietary needs. So to avoid stomach upsetments to your pet, Sun-Kiva requires that you bring your pet's food and treats along during your pet's stay. But, don't worry, if you forget your pet's food / treats, each may be purchased from the facility. There is no need to bring your pet's bowls.

  3. TOYS, BLANKETS, ETC. are allowed, but keep in mind that your dog's neighbor may be a thief, and may be destructive.

  4. COLLAR AND LEASH: Please keep in mind that in an emergency evacuation condition, we can move your pet to safety as quickly as possible if we have their collar and leach.

  5. GROOMING: SUN-KIVA's professional grooming staff can pamper your pet so he/she can go home looking good and smelling clean. Be sure to check out our Grooming page.

  6. FLEAS AND TICKS: Any pet with fleas / ticks or evidence of either will immediately be given a Capstar pill and will then be bathed and /or dipped. They will also receive a treatment of Frontline or Advantix.

  7. DOGS IN HEAT will be charged an extra $2.00 per day.

  8. HOLIDAYS, SEASONAL & INCLEMENT WEATHER: A minimum of 2-3 days required per reservation.

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